The Stool-Furniture Design in Scandinavia

Project ‘The Stool’ has been exhibited in ICFF on 2013 spring and in Milan Design Week on 2018 summer.

I made this chair in DIS furniture program. According to Scandinavia furniture style, I cut off the redundant part to make it simple, elegant and durable. The most special part for my design is I used veneer as my seat surface. For this reason, the chair looks unique and interesting. At the same time, it reduced the redundant weight of the whole chair so that it became a super light chair.

Admittedly, it took me a long time to weave them together. If you have a chance to sit on it, the most amazing thing is it so strong not like what it looks like.

  • Role Design/Sketch/Mock-up/Modeling/Rendering/Made

  • Date 2012

  • Type Furniture design

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